Newborn Sweetness

It's true, I have bogged myself down in some business decisions lately. I think it's often daunting for creative types to really deal with business savvy. Even this very website you are looking at, haunts me in my sleep a little. I am so ready to update but it's a massive undertaking of choosing new work, etc. I am also brainstorming about some new pricing structures. I think the best way to get out of a rut like this though, is to remember the photography! I need to remind myself of what I feel when I hop behind the camera and go into the creative zone! I LOVE that part of the pricing, taxes, accounting, websites, files and business decisions can beat it for a bit to let me dream. 

      Last week I had the pleasure of doing a short little session for a sweet (and alert!) baby girl newborn!  I hope you enjoy these sweet images as much as I did taking them. We got her fed, warm and snuggly but she wanted nothing to do with sleep. She is a girl after all...she knew something was going on and didn't want to miss it! I just went with her lead and just captured her as she was! I have to be honest, the less "styled" a newborn shoot, the better for me. I want you to see all the simple sweetness of the baby! Enjoy!

Couldn't you just eat her up?!