Monday Confessions, Late Edition

Hello to my evening friends! The past couple Mondays have been marathons! Even with Labor Day last week, it seemed like we were busy prepping for school starting last week. If you've been missing my posts, lets hope I don't disappoint!

1. FLY EAGLES FLY! I am truly not a huge football fan but I don't mind watch the Eagles play now and then. I will be an expert on their season again this year though because when they win, we locals get FREE Dunkin Donuts coffee! YUM!

2. I have already burned my Yankee spiced pumpkin candle down to the bottom….did you see this article about "basic white girls and fall?" It's totally me. Guilty of most of them I think….

3. My twins started kindergarten last week! It's been a huge adjustment but they're loving it. They came home counting in Spanish today and loving it :) 


4. The 21 day fix is on special this month as a challenge pack with Beach Body! I am going to be trying it myself later this week. The CEO is promising a 10 pound weight loss by Oct 1 if you follow the plan or your money back with no questions asked! Email me if you're interested. 

5. Downton Abbey Season 5 started last night in the UK! I am so jealous. Cannot wait to see what this season has in store! I am going next month to check out the costume exhibit at Winterthur Gardens and Museum here in Wilmington, DE. I will let you know what I think !

6. Ok friends, I confess that I didn't workout on Saturday or Sunday this weekend. I just needed to give my body a break. I am running out now to a 4:30 Total Body class at SDF to get a booty whooping! Have a good evening!