Professional Headshots, Middletown, DE

 So many of us are running businesses either from home or in offices that require us to have a visual presence on the internet. I think this is a great time in our history where we truly can be working from anywhere! It also can be a lot of pressure to feel like you need to upgrade those head shots or have a few professional shots to use in your social media outlets. I can assure you that we can accomplish this goal in 30 minutes with good lighting :) Reach out to me today if you're interested! 

Kim Simpson, Kim Simpson of Thyme Realestate Co in Middletown DE

Kim Simpson, Kim Simpson of Thyme Realestate Co in Middletown DE


Sweet little family session, Wilmington, DE

“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile."

~William Cullen Bryant   
This sweet family met up with me early afternoon for a session with their two young boys and thankfully they were so sweet! It's amazing what a little sugar treat can do for encouraging smiles for photos! We also got some sun after a rainy morning which makes all the difference in these images. Happy Monday friends! I aim to resume the usual "confessions" on Mondays in November.

As always, I am so thankful for new clients and referrals from others. It's honestly the best way to grow a business! If you're looking for updated family photos, I have limited December bookings

Tuesday again?! Portraits from a workshop

Friends, I am clearly wrapped up in holiday events, cheer and of course a little chaos! I know I didn't confess yesterday but I do have some images to share from a recent workshop! I got to attend a lighting intensive with Justin & Mary Marantz, a fabulous husband wife team from Connecticut. It was a great night of learning and shooting with industry peers. You know I have my favorite workshop sidekick, Rhonda Bowman, there too! 

The theme of the workshop was utilizing a one light set up to your advantage. As a photographer, I have had training in studio lighting but tend to love natural light. This workshop was really about maninpulating artificial light to mimick the beauty of natural light. It was also about controlling the light to create the type of portraits you desire. It was a good refresher for me on a lot of things and inspired me to get experimenting with my own one light set up! Thanks Justin & Mary! 

We got to shoot a few different models and here's one set that I love of a beautiful model Rhea!

Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends and I will catch you next week! 

Jenny & Tyler - Sneak Peek

one word...swoon. I had an amazing session this past Sunday with old friends who happen to be wonderful people, musicians and husband & wife. Here is just a little preview of what will come later this week on the blog... Thank you Jenny & Tyler for being yourselves and making my job so much fun!

(Did I mention it was 100 + degrees and they didn't even bat an eyelash at that?! Meanwhile I was DEFINITELY sweatin' like an iced tea in August, smelling like bug spray and generally looking more like I belonged at a Nascar rally than a photo shoot!) 

There will be more to this story when I post later....

Family Portraits are a definitely a "do"!

We all say it all the time (unless of course you are 5), "time is passing so quickly" or other comments like "where did this year go" or "when did the kids get so big?" I say things like this a lot and think that I hear my mom or Grandma's voice coming out of me! Well what better motivation do you need to take some time to do some family portraits? Here's a session from earlier this summer that I love because it's multi-generational. I LOVED it for that very reason and many others (because these do happen to be dear friends)! What a treasure it is for not only parents to capture their family in time but to include the grandparents as well makes it extra special. I know all these boys love their "Nana and Poppy" and someday they will look back at these photos to see this little slice of time. It's so precious to see families grow and change!  

The whole gang!

We did individual family groupings and I heart this idea with the name sign!


Giving love to the grandparents...

And I love this shot because Z is definitely a fun 4 year-old to know! I am pretty sure every time I have seen this kid he has had on these Toy Story boots. It's adorable and I am sure he will someday cringe when his mom shows him this picture and talks about how she couldn't get him to wear anything I said people, lets not miss out on these moments! 


**As as not of business, Max is now 6 weeks old and I am "back to work" booking sessions again for all portraits and weddings. Please email me if you need more information or would like to book something soon, summer is filling up fast!**

Sweet Charlie

Sometimes expressions are weird like, "I could just eat you up," but then there are times they just make sense! I met my sweet new friend Charlie for a little spring photo shoot. When he showed up dapper in his little khakis and sailor sweater vest, I could literally...EAT HIM UP! His smiles, his cheeks, and his energy all made my job fun. Having two almost 2 years olds myself certainly helps me when meeting a new toddler, we have lots to talk about like Elmo, going on easter egg hunt,s and airplanes in the sky... you know... the good stuff! I had a lot of fun on a pretty spring day capturing this little boy's spirit. Charlie of course had his pretty mommy along for the adventure too and we of course managed to get some shots with her too!

Charlie and Mommy, she can look at these pictures when he leaves for his senior prom and doesn't even want to hug her in public anymore! :)

Love the tongue, I swear it always helps a person concentrate!

I mean REALLY? He probably gets away with everything because of this cheeky smile!

An airplane flew over head and it was major cause for excitement as we tried to spot it in the sky. 

Charlie decided he could stand to sit for a few more frames with Mommy included. 

He was glad to hear when we were almost done picture time...

Thanks Charlie and Melanie for making me remember why I love my job! 

For those of you who are still interested in booking a spring shoot, my schedule is tight but don't be afraid to inquire!

Kickin' it with Kamee, NYC style

Spring sunshine, the energy of New York, and joining up with other creatives to go on a styled photo shoot...I literally had to pinch myself last Friday. When I originally heard about this workshop, I didn't know what April 15th would hold for me being between 7 & 8 months pregnant so I decided not try to sign up. I got introduced to the work of Kamee June Photography through my friend Rhonda. Well Rhonda heard some spots opened up and invited me along, boy am I glad she did! I knew that I might get tired after walking lots or have to make ridiculous amounts of potty stops but I was game as long as everyone else didn't mind having a prego along. The experience was even better than I imagined... getting to shoot all over the streets of NYC on a beautiful spring day while being inspired by all the creativity around me was such a refreshing change from my daily mommy life!

We were given a little story to go with our shoot... girl meets boy... girl and boy are supposed to be meeting up for special tryst...girl leaves apartment ready and beautiful ready to meet up with her love...heads to the train station...waits, waits, and waits some more....realizes boy isn't coming...heartbreak.

Special thanks to Kamee June for hosting the workshop, Katrina Kirk for styling and Gentry for modeling for us! both Kamee and Katrina have fun blogs you should check out after you look at mine :)

Enjoy the eye candy from the day! 

Gentry works it on the steps of a beautiful brownstone and I loved how this guy walked by at the perfect time with the perfect tie to play off Gentry's pretty blouse. 

Ahh youth and beauty! Only to be a college freshman again! This California girl has been braving the streets of NYC to get her education at NYU and I have to say she was a good sport with the chill in the air!

Loved her boots...

Great Styling by Kat...


The Famous Grand Central...

Loved how the light wrapped around her stiletto to create a perfect silhouette. 

A friend & her soldier

I had the fun opportunity to have a session with my friend Liz and her dog, Marley, this past week. The sun finally came out in DE, can I get an Amen?! so we headed out for a shoot....and we ended up in Maryland for a great session. I do think we were technically tresspassing the whole time but we decided on the way there that between the 3 of us (we had another friend, Markie, along to be the dog trainer) we were going to sweet talk any type of law enforcement that came our way and hope it worked. Thankfully for us, we didn't have any run-ins with the law but just a great morning shoot! These pictures are for Liz's husband, Matt, who is serving in Iraq. In honor of their first anniversary she is sending him a little slice of home with pictures of her and Marley. Well that's enough from me...