Monday Confessions

    Well another Monday is upon us, although for many it's a holiday! Thank you Christopher Columbus for this one! I have all four kiddos home today and have had them all since Thursday after school! Can you sense me smiling from where you are?! Actually, I can't complain one bit. It was a beautiful weekend and I got caught up on a lot while having some family time as well. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day full of family! It started with dedicating our sweet Benjamin in church. In our denomination we commit to raise the child with the knowledge and love of the Lord until he makes his own decision for baptism. We had a lot of family join and support us yesterday as we made this commitment, as well as our church family. Later in the afternoon, we went to the pumpkin patch! Our kids love this annual tradition!

Here's a shot of mommy & Ben! (Extra points if you can spy daddy in the photo) ALL PHOTOS are credited to Matthew Troutman

So after a very full weekend, I am going to attempt to pick up the house a bit today even with the kids in it! Nonsense I know...

Just a few confessions for you today.

1. I confess that I got my FREE Dunkin Donuts coffee first thing this morning (Thank you Philadelphia Eagles!) and hit the grocery store before most of the world was even up! Feels good to get things going. 

2. I confess that math games homework at 8am should really require a second cup of coffee :)

3. Remember how I got hooked into watching Parenthood? I am in the middle of season 4! I am already dreading when I finish the series and have to say goodbye to the Bravermans! Why are there not more family shows like this on TV?! I have needed tissues almost every episode this season!

4. I am reading Hands Free Life, and like it's predecessor the Hands Free Mama, it's convicting. Just good to remind myself of how to filter through priorities in these very hectic days of raising babies and searching for meaning in it all. I am definitely guilty of distracted living and I want to try to make changes while I can! I don't want my kids to grow up thinking I didn't have time for them or everything else took precedence over them. I confess I really struggle with trying to always be productive and sometimes just miss the moments!

5. I confess that I love to cook in fall! I have been on a "no spending" journey this month (that's a whole different blog post!) so I have been challenged to cook with ingredients in my freezer and pantry. I have to say though it has truly opened my eyes to how much I think I need to "run to the store" but there are other foods I should be using up first! Last week I made a yummy easy corn chowder recipe and what is better than soup in the fall?! Yummy! Share your favorite fall recipe with me!

Have a great week everyone! 

Monday Confessions…

Hey friends! Ever have a Monday where your eyes are barely open and you feel the weight of everything you need to get done before your head hits the pillow again at night? I am feeling that way today. I just have a running list of lots to do this week (like everyone else) trying to get ready to photograph a beautiful wedding on Friday and then leave for vacation on Saturday!

1. I confess that stress can make me a lot less patient than I would like. I need to regularly apologize to my kids if I have been impatient or over reacted. Sorry kids…your mama is human! (I am sort of an emotional mess thinking about them starting kindergarten in just a few weeks. Am I alone there?!)

2. On the to-do list today, updating my defensive driving course. I have been spending time in front of the computer being reminded of who has the right of way and what causes collisions. I have to admit, this is really probably a good thing for all of us to! (And you get that insurance discount!)

3. I read a good easy read over the weekend upon recommendation of another blogger I follow. I read We Were Liars by E. Lockart  and it had a big surprise ending! I was a little embarrassed that it had the "teen" sticker on the outside (library book) but I can see why someone recommended it. It's a perfect pool or beach read! 

4. I am trying a new recipe for a chipoltle peach chicken tonight! I will let you know if it's good!

5. I am so excited for my current PiYo challenge group happening through my Beach Body coaching. I had one mom of two young kids text me this morning so excited because after one week of clean eating and following the exercise plan, she's down 4 pounds and 4 1/2 overall inches! It works my friends when you commit! Let me know if you want in on my next group :) PiYo is still on special through tonight here or email me with any questions! My other favorite T25 is on special with a challenge pack this month! You can get fit in just 25 minutes a day!

6. It obviously does take a village to raise a child…and I need my village! I am anxious about getting into a school routine with the twins. Any great advice out there for how you tackle mornings and get kids to school without screaming or tears?!!

7. I learned today that if you are focused and working, if you get interrupted, it will take you 15 minutes to get back on track with the same focus and productivity. I was shaking my head! As as work at home mom, I know this problem well. Any other work at home moms have great tips for me on how to get focused work done while not having constant distractions?

8. Vacation is this weekend…5 days stand between me and the beach!! What books should i be taking? (that is if I get to read any!) 

9. I am going to be "that mom" for one minute and tell you that my Macy is going to be Little Miss Peach this weekend in our towns Old Tyme Peach Festival parade! She is beyond excited to represent our town and ride in the parade! Photos will come next week I am sure :) 

Wishing you a wonderful week and now back to my defensive driving…


Monday Confessions

  We were up and out early with swimming lessons this morning! The twins are getting pretty great in the pool but need to work on form and confidence. Max has a bit of a longer way to go, so we are glad for the opportunity to get in some lessons this summer! So what else do I have to confess today you ask?

1. I confess I am kicking off a challenge in a Piyo group! I am a challenger...being challenged to do this different type of workout to see if it can change my body and push me past the plateau I am living in. It's a combination of yoga, pilates and other moves aimed to get you definition while not stressing your joints. It's a mental shift for a lot of us cardio addicts! So far I am loving it... 


2. Can I confess to you internet that I struggle to do total clean eating?? It's a goal of mine to stick to this month. I know I am a sugar addict when I let myself be! It's rough, but I am working so hard on trying to eat for nutrition and not for any other reason. Do you need help getting motivating and reaching your fitness goals? You can always reach out to me! If you're already a clean eating freak, what's your favorite recipes?!

3. My kids built bug houses this weekend at the Home Depot kids workshop. We love those workshops if you haven't even been, it's free and fun! The bug houses are a big hit! They've been searching for "pets" all day and finding bugs. It's good to be a kid sometimes :) Who hasn't waited for the fireflies to come out just to catch a few?!

4. We had a great fourth of July. We were sad when our towns parade was canceled but we had lots of fun watching fireworks at night! What's your favorite thing to do on the fourth?


5. If you're a shutterfly user, they're offering 101 FREE prints now through tomorrow I believe with the code JULY101. I am uploading now! I am trying to be better about getting things off my computer and into real life :)  

6. Any moms out there have good tips on keeping kids clothes organized?! I feel like their closet is a disaster. I have a bin for "too small" and a bin for the winter stuff but it's hard to keep it all straight. I think my issue is confounded with the fact that the boys can almost share a size but they don't share a room. Ever feel like you're just drowning in stuff?! 

7. I confess I am addicted to fresh summer peaches. I can't keep enough of them in the house!! These were my cute summer lunch dates today :)


8. I have been in a little bit of a book drought. I have a list of suggestions from others so I am just waiting on my holds to come in from the library. I finished a couple books last week but nothing overly inspirational. I am always open to book ideas if you've read something good lately :) Especially with a beach vacation coming in August..I might get to read a thing or two if I am lucky!

9. I confess it's been hard for me to squeeze in the kindergarten prep with the twins. Any moms have fun tricks for keeping fun learning going on in the summer? We've been doing alphabet at the table and different things like that. I guess I just need to motivate myself to motivate them :)

Ok friends, now that you know all my internal struggles, I hope you have a great week :) 

Monday Confessions - Kisses and Disses

A blogger I love does weekly installments of "Kisses and Disses" to just share what she's loving and not-so-loving at the moment! I thought that would be a good theme for today's confesssions!

First the Disses...things that I am NOT loving right now!

1. House flies...seriously we are being bombarded! I can keep on killing flies (yes I am a heartless fly killer!) and yet I still find more!

2. Cantalope....I TRY so hard to like it but I just don't! I even ate some at lunch because it was at it's peak sweetness and everything. Still don't love it...

3.'s never ending. Even if I wash it, dry it and fold never gets put away.

4. The forever nemesis that I try to fight off. I try not to let the scale dictate feelings or self worth but this week it has me down. I am up about 5 lbs from where I want to be. It could be a myriad of things but the scale can make me feel bad about myself even when it shouldn't. I will do better to not give it the power!


5. Growing Pains...I love that my kids are growing and changing but it can be hard to keep up! This is the sight in my back yard right now... (As always my phone pics upload sideways no matter the alterations I try..forgive, you get the idea) This is a sad, too-small, half-inflated pool that we need to discard but the kids wanted to play in water so badly today! At least they had cool water shooters from their birthday!


Now for the Kisses....things I AM LOVING!

1. Kind words from a client...It really never does cease to go a long way when a client is pleased with my work and they're enjoying it. I don't mean it in an approval sense, but that they are truly being blessed by the memories I captured. A client sharing kind words on the impact of my work helps to remind me to keep going when I am tempted to slow down or gives me drive. I have the most wonderful clients and have recently been much encouraged!

2. Beanitos chips...yes I am talking about chips made from beans. They're delish and I am craving some right now but have none :( 

3. Giving back...I was also recharged this week by being able to use photography to give back. I can't share lots of details and I fear I am also not as humble as I should be in this so I will leave it vague...just thankful for an opportunity to help with photography! It again reminds me of the powerful tool photography can be to change lives for the better!

4. My first 5 years of motherhood in the bag! I cannot believe the twins turned 5 yesterday! We had a great day of celebrating them (and secretly my husband and I were patting ourselves on the back for surviving this far!) We had another HUGE answered prayer happen last week the sale of our former home so we were also celebrating that a bit too :) 

5. Mango Water Ice...if you don't know what this, don't walk to your nearest Rita's water ice and get you some! It's the BEST summer treat in my opinion and I am craving some! But remember what I said about the scale....

6. Food Network...I ADORE all things food network. Here inlies my struggle, I am just as much closet food network freak as I am fitness afficianado! My goal in life right now is to learn how to make great tasting and healthy foods! Dear Pioneer Woman, please adopt me and let me come cook on your ranch :) What's for dinner at your house today friends?!


Hope you all have a great week friends!! 

Monday Confessions

Hey friends! I just ordered Father's day gifts! Who knew it was sneaking up on us so quickly?! Is it really almost half way through June and half way through our year?! I know I sound like an old mama, but it really feels that way and it's a good time to reflect. Today I am not going to do a tradiotional "confessions" but rather some things I am thankful for. 

1. I am thankful for healthy children! I take this for granted a lot, which I know I shouldn't. I saw "The Fault In Our Stars" this weekend and a lot of that book/movie is emotional, but what really got me was the parents. I can't imagine walking in those shoes....fighting daily to keep your child alive. It's a good perspective check for all of us with healthy kids, to be so so thankful! 

2. I am thankful for a great Bible teaching church, Lifehouse Church. Last Sunday we were so priveleged to celebrate a baptism service where 40 people were baptized, a lot of which were children! It hit home to me that faith comes in all forms and Jesus can capture the hearts of our kids at an early age. There were vast testimonies from all different ages and stages. It was touching to hear how Jesus came into the lives of each person. There's a beautiful video from the event you can view here. VBS is coming next week if you're local and want your kids to check it out! Dean made the promo page :) This kid...

3. I am thankful for health care...say all you want about the crazy going on in government but in lots of countries in the world, access to health care is nonexistant! I am generally very healthy and just need regular check ups but knowing that if something went wrong, I could get anyone in my family immediate medical attention is a blessing we take for granted!

4. I am thankful for a home with running water and climate control. We complain if our AC isn't cold enough...but we forget that elsewhere in the world there are people just praying for a mosquito net to try to fight off the malaria caryying mosquitoes or walking miles just for tainted water. Lets be honest, we think slow internet is a hardship!

5. I am thankful for a sometimes unconventional but great Dad. I always think about him but especially this week it can be hard. I am thankful though for his lasting legacy in me and try to continually share who he was with our kids. (And OF COURSE I am thankful for my mom! With Father's Day this week, Dad's just been on my mind).

6. I am thankful for a hard working, loving husband. I know that my kids and I are SO BLESSED by having Matt as the head of our family. It doesn't mean it's always a fairy tale or easy, but he's such a consistent and steady force of love in our lives. I know this is also something I sometimes take for granted and shouldn't!

7. I am thankful for a good workout! There's nothing like working hard and dripping sweat to take care of your body! It also teaches you a lot about what you're really capable of. You can do A LOT more than you think you can! I am going to go do that shortly....

8. I am thankful for a good cup of coffee. It truly can get a day started right or heal a lot of other ills. (Sort of like the British with their tea, there's not much a good cup of tea can't fix!)

9. I am so thankful for good friends!!! I got a rare mommy night out this last weekend and it was fun to just hang out with friends and chat about life. Sometimes I think good friends in life can rescue you from all sorts of pain and disasters!! You ladies all know who you are...SO GLAD to have you all! 

10. I am thankful to own a business. As much as it can be great, it can also be very daunting at times. I was reminded last week though that to be a woman in America is still a great privilege. I can vote, own a business and pretty much have equal rights with male counterparts. In most parts of the world, a girl can only dream of those types of opportunities. I am honored for those that choose me to capture their most precious memories like new babies or wedding days! I am now booking into next year for weddings so if you're engaged, shoot me an email and lets chat :)


Hopefully today you can stop for a few minutes and consider some things that you are thankful for! Hope you have a wonderful week! 



Monday Confessions

Hello friends! Sorry I have missed the last couple weeks of Monday Confessions! Along with the end of the school year, a busy photography season and life itself, I've been battling a nasty cold for going on three weeks now too! Just trying to keep it all together my friends :) 

1. We survived Max turning 3 last week, although I might not survive his third year! He has turned quite sassy in his third year and I am trying so hard to remember sweet little Max of days gone by :) He wanted a "Woody and Buzz" party so we had a nice family get together over Memorial Day weekend to celebrate our fiesty little 3 year old! 

2. I confess I love Motown. If you don't know this about me, it's OK to laugh. I think I fell in love with it somewhere around the same time I started being able to drive by myself in high school. I would turn on the oldies station and cruise. If you don't believe me...I have Smokey Robinson playing AS I TYPE :) Don't knock it until you try it...chair dancing is sure to ensue!

3. I also confess that I am still a little in denial that this past week marked 10 years from my college graduation! Ahem...I don't believe that either! Matt and I were on a date night in my college town a few weekends back, which made me a little nostalgic for days gone by. Although I do envy the freedom of college students and the sense that "all of life is still before me," I know that the days I am in now raising a young family is where I am supposed to be! 

4. I just finished reading  From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by  Ree Drummond, also known at the Pioneer Woman. It was a great memior of her story of falling in love with the "Marlboro Man." If you watch her Food Network show or read her blog at all, you know she has a great sense of humor and fun writing style. I laughed through it a lot but also was touched by the sentiment of a lot of it. The book even includes a few recipes I want to try! It's definitely a read I recommend!



5. Last Friday I had my first time ever going strawberry picking. It was a nice day and I had the genius enough plan to let the kids do the picking (they're lower to the ground anyway right?!) It was fun picking and fairly uneventful until I went to drive my minivan out of a muddy field...a 2WD van was no match for the mud. Thank goodness for a kind hearted farmer and his John Deere to drag us out of the mud! After all the excitement, I was excited to try a few new things with our strawberry crop. I made strawberry freezer jam and a yummy strawberry pie. 


(sorry for sideways photos, after MULTIPLE attempts to correct this ain't happening and this blog post is already taking forever :) 




Hope you all have a great week ahead! 


Monday Confessions

Hello inter-web friends! It's a crazy Monday as ever but the sun is shining! Why is it I always yearn for things to "slow down" but really I think I just feed off the crazy! We have perfect weather here today so I took kiddos swimming...yes swimming because my in-laws pool is already open and even a little warm! Here's to it almost being summer! I have a few things to confess today...

1. I truly CANNOT believe this is the twins last week of preschool ever! They have preschool graduation on Wednesday, prepping the tissue box now! 

2. Mother's day was lovely. It certainly started nicely with the sun shining and our family heading to church. We were also able to spend a nice lunch out with family and some relax time later in the day. My family was so very sweet to me and I appreciated it!


3. Speaking of Mother's day....if you have not heard of the movie that just opened, Mom's Night Out, you need to get out to see it! It was both hilarios and encouraging. Who knew Trace Adkins could act so well?! He was one of my favorite! 


4. I was in line a couple weeks ago behind a lady in Kohls who had a HUGE purchase. She had a cart full of kids clothing, shoes, etc. I totally get it, new season and kids grow! I have to say though when she got to her total, I had to speak up because I had a coupon on my phone for 15% off your purchase. I let her use it because I guess I can't even let other people spend their own money like crazy?! I saved that lady $65 off her purchase! Always check for coupons my friends before you walk into ANY store!

5. We got to go to Sesame Street Live last Friday too and the kiddos loved it! I definitely recommend it for their age group. I did have one struggle with the kids though, constant begging for things. Anyone else deal with this? As I heard my own advice coming out my mouth, I thought I might try to heed my own words. "When you are continually looking at things you don't have and wishing you had them, you miss all the things in front of you that you do have. You forget to be thankful for what you have!" Guess I will work on taking my own advice!


6. I am going to kick off my first challenge group with Beach Body very soon! If you are interested for a 30 days challenge with accountability and support, drop me an email! I am excited to help you reach your fitness and/or weight loss goals. 

I have to run, many more things calling for my attention today! Hope you have a great week friends!

Monday Confessions

SO this morning I was one of those people that I thought I might never be, I was at a fitness studio by 5:30am for a circuit workout. It was great to get my body up and moving! I was back to my house before anyone else was even up and I know I burned a few hundred calories.  I have to say though, I might be ready for a nap by lunchtime! It is REALLY nice though that my workout is already done and I can go about my day. So here goes confessions...

1. Last week I cooked my first ever ham. Some of you might be laughing but for real, I did and it was delish. My whole family even ate it up! The only casualty was a burn on my hand. Last week's house chores were tough on my hands! I got a cut last Monday putting laundry away too...

2. Have I ever told you friends I am Delaware native? Born here and never left! I know, crazy right?

3. I confess... I watched Tori Spelling's new documentary style reality show, True Tori,  which is capturing her dealing with her husband's infidelity. I have to be honest, there's so many things about her life I disagree with but I am very drawn to her as a person in her books/reality show. I have to say though, the show was very sad to me. It's hard to watch a mom of 4 littles going through that...especially her every move being chased by paparazzi. I don't know if I will keep up with the show but it was interesting to watch it all from her perspective. 

4. I finished up another book, Orphan Train by Christina Baker Klein. I really liked it, mostly I think because it is a fascinating part of history I knew nothing about. A lot of the tale is actually heart breaking but there was some redepmtion in the end.The orphan trains operated between 1853 and 1929, relocating about 250,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children, taking them from Eastern cities to the Midwest. Unfortunately a lot of these kids found what was more like indentured servitude within the homes they were adopted to. Definitely give this one a read! 


5. Want to know my favorite summer Starbucks drink? It's a black tea lemonade. Yum! I do like it sweetened so I tried with agave instead of sugar...not too shabby!

6. We are doing A LOT better with potty training, thank goodness. We are still having trouble convincing little man to do # 2's on the potty but # 1's are all good! No accidents with those for at least 3 or 4 days!

7. I had a great engagment shoot this past weekend that I will share on here soon, but what I want to chat about happened after that.  I was down on the river in a historic district in Delaware and I saw a gorgeous older couple with a classic car. I saw them chatting when he leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. I was smitten with them, I had to speak up and offer some photographs. Totally harsh light, tons of people around and nothing ideal, but I have a feeling their grand kids will cherish these! I enjoyed my few moments with these sweet people, hearing their story. I guess my point for sharing is don't be afraid to interact with people, sometimes it's worth it! 



I hope you all have a great week ahead! I have some travel ahead this week so I don't know if I will get to other posting but I do have some photography I would love to get to share soon! :) 

Monday Confessions

   Can I get an Amen for today's weather? Even the crazy wind isn't bothering me so much because it's fairly sunny and warm! After a LONG winter here in Delaware, the sun and warmth feels like therapy! We had GREAT weather for Saturday's mini sessions too, which I couldn't be more happy with! 


1. We had a nice slow Sunday yesterday after church, which rarely happens. I think though that when I actually slow down the pace a little, it shows me how much MORE I need to slow down the pace and keep priorities straight. I learned a long time ago you can say "yes" to lots of good things and still be missing the "best" things. I am trying so hard to protect our sanity and schedule but even with that focus, the next few weeks is insane! I confess though that I really do need to slow down a bit more. I am ready for the change of pace that summer brings! 

2. I confess that teachers want out of school just a much as students! Only a few more weeks of the semester with my photo class, which I very much enjoy! Every semester there are suprises and dissapointments but I am always reminded how much I love teaching!

3. I finished a really good book yesterday, The Little Way of Ruthie Leming, by Rod Dherer. It is a non-fiction memior style book written about the author's life, most of it being focused on his sister and her battle through cancer. I actually knew nothing about the book when I put in for a hold at the library but I kept hearing it recommended. I can really see why people like this book, it was an easy read and I enjoyed it. It made me very contemplative though and even inspired last night's dinner menu when I made jambalya and sweet tea! I have spent some time on a few different trips to Louisiana and it reminded me of my time there. Small town Lousiana is most of the setting for this story. It really made me think on relationships and life and all those things you don't like to think about when racing through the speed of life. If you're in the mood for a thoughtful read that will require a few tissues along the way, this is a good one!


4. I did my first p90x3 workout today! I just finished up Beta round of T25 and am ready for something new leading up to summer! It's definitely different than other things I have done. I realized I am not half the beast I like to think I am...a pull up bar can humble you quick! I am ready to try something new though and see how all the strength moves change my body! 

5. It has been quite a while since I have sat down to take a vocabulary quiz but there have been a few new words crossing my path lately and I am going to attempt to work them into conversations :) I am not going to lie, I learned one in church and one from reality tv! You can guess which is which!

en·mi·ty  noun
  1. the state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.
taw·dry  adjective
  1. showy but cheap and of poor quality.
    We had an adventure to the local orchard this morning to run around and soak in some sunshine. Luck smiled on us though because it wasn't supposed to be open to the public today (depsite their very confusing website) but thanks to a private party we were still able to go in for a few hours!
    This morning because all the kids were home and it was a beautiful day, we headed to the local orchard to run and enjoy the fresh air! It was little cloudy and windy but that didn't stop our fun. The kids got to play on all the playgrounds and do the petting zoo...there was even an appearance of the Easter bunny!
    Have a great week friends! 

Monday Confessions

  Hello friends, I have had a crazy Monday with the kids. We went to the Y with my mom this morning in her town in Maryland. Unfortunately after a short time swimming in the indoor pool, an elderly man had a collapse and we were all evacuated out. I have been thinking over a lot of things this morning like the brevity of life, how people respond in an emergency, and even trying to teach my children the well being of others is more important than our preferences. The kids didn't quite understand why their swimming adventure was cut so short although they witnessed the collapse of the man. When a team was gathered around the man working, I led a prayer with my kids. It's not necessarily miraculous on our part, but it recognizes WHO is in the business of the miraculous! These are certainly teachable moments...

So after the events of this morning, and probably the weather, I am in somber mood. It seems silly to share my trivial confessions. As we lead up to Easter though, I've been trying to have consistent devotions. This morning reminded me that the Cross was the entire purpose of Christ. 

"The heart of salvation is the cross of christ. The reason salvation is so easy to obtain is that it cost God so much. The cross was the place where god and sinful man merged with tremendous collision and where the way to life was opened. But all the cost and pain of the collision was absorbed by the heart of God" ~Oswald Chambers 

Hope you all have a wonderful week and check back next week for more confessions and hopefully some mini session photography!

Monday Confessions & Spring Mini Sessions are here!

Booking now for limited spots on April 12th in Historic Odessa for Spring mini sessions! Planning on shooting in the beautiful spring gardens in bloom! Email me today,, spots are very limited!

As for this Monday, another week is upon us!

1. Monday weigh in after two full weeks of clean eating and T25 consistently... down 4 lbs and trying to stay strong! 

2. I have to confess that a yummy organic white peach tea with honey has been saving me on those afternoon desires to snack! Snacks are allowed, just not empty calorie snacks. Have I gone off the deep end you ask? Not at all, just trying to get shaped up and ready for shorts and tank top season! (Lets NOT EVEN TALK about the forecast for snow tomorrow!)

3. We had a visit to the dentist this morning for the twins! All is well thankfully with their teeth. Is it too early to pray not to need braces?! He's a comendian even in the dentist chair :) 

4. Yes I confess that I did go for free Rita's water ice last Thursday with the kids! I got the sugar free mango (it's made with Splenda which isn't "clean" but it was still way better on the calorie side of things and I don't want to miss out on fun in life!


5. Who's a zombie watcher?! So can't believe it's the season finale of the Walking Dead next week! We will be tortured I am sure with some sort of major cliff hanger until the fall season! I have to say that I am definitely not a zombie lover but got sucked into the characters and the whole idea of surviving in some kind of apocalypse!


Here's to a wonderful week and let me know if you want in on one of those mini sessions! 

Monday Confessions, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's St. Patty's day but feels a bit more like April fools with the mini blizzard going on outside my window! 

I know everyone's Irish on St. Patricks day but I do honestly have a lovely Irish heritage on my mother's side of the family. I have them to thank for the freckles I am sure! Here's an Irish Proverb to start your day, 

As for confessions...

1. I feel like Olaf from Frozen..I want summer!!!!!

2. Here's what I see out my window...poor cozy coupes were loving those 60 degree days we had!



3. I confess that as a 32 year-old woman, I just made my first fried eggs this morning! I have eaten them all my life, if someone else makes it. Not so sure why I never really tried it until today?! They were a lovely over easy and went great with a slice of whole wheat toast. Here's to attempting whatever intimidates you, even if it's frying your own eggs!

4. I have been slowly bringing out the spring decorations to brighten the mood but this weather keeps toying with us! What are your favorite Spring/Easter decorations to put out? 

5. I am thankfully going strong on my T25 challenge with clean eating, down two pounds from last Monday! I have to confess though, we had a busy weekend of parties and events that I had a couple things not on "the plan." I think the social situations are the hardest! I encouraged myself by getting right back on the wagon and making the best choices in the situtations. I had lots of fruits/veggies and even some wheat crackers, etc. Had I not bee on the challenge though I would've been far more likely to gobble down all kinds of things. I think challenges are great to really open our eyes to what we consume when we aren't paying attention! 

 This has been one of my motivational mantras this week...

That's about it for me today, going to try to keep myself joyful and motivated even if everything is crazy! Don't forget free iced coffee or tea at Dunkin!! Off to find some green to wear...


Monday Confessions

Hey friends another week is upon us so it's time to confess!

1. Thank goodness the sun is shining and tomorrow's weather forecast for 63 degrees and sunny has me giddy!

2. I kicked off my first challenge group today with a group of girls doing T25 Beta round for 4 weeks. I am excited to eat clean and be held accountable to workouts to see where it gets me over the next four weeks. Believe it or not, next week has the first day of spring! I will be starting up more groups later this spring and early summer if you want to get in on it!

3. I asked my social media friends if I should keep reading Gone Girl by Gilian Flynn. I am over 100 pages in now and I am struggling to stay with it. I have heard so many people loved it and I am trying to figure out what they loved? The input on facebook was to stay with it but I have another friend who said, "life is too short to read bad books." Thoughts?


4. It's the second Monday of free iced coffee or tea from Dunkin Donuts! I haven't gotten one yet! Last Monday was a blizzard and today I was busy elsewhere. I might take a walk to the Dunkin near my house later and get that iced tea. I am too tempted to get an iced coffee with yummy sweet stuff in it (remember I just started a challenge group and trying to stay strong!)

5. I think I have underestimated the effect of a long winter on kids too. My little cherubs have been extra crazy and it's been challenging me. I think though that they're all on the cusp of new ages and stages in life. Max is sort of rejecting some his age appropriate transitions, like potty training (don't's that bad). The twins though are growing, changing and inserting lots of independence. There are just some areas I wish they would exhibit that independence more than others! 

Have a great week friends!

Monday Confessions, Snow Day

Welcome to the first Monday in March to another crazy snow day! It's funny, I left my kids snow pants hanging in our laundry area. I kept thinking to myself, "should I be putting these away?" Well thankfully I didn't and they're ready for action today!

1. I am already on my second cup of coffee (who wants a free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts in a blizzard?!) Here's the view of my back yard at the moment and it's still coming down... We did see the grass for a few days!



2. I am already on my third load of laundry. I really don't know how 5 people can truly make so much laundry but I will blame winter and multiple layers for this one! Do yourself a favor though and put on the Pandora Motown station to fold to! I swear Motown makes it all better!!

3. Thanks for all the well wishes when I was really sick last Monday. I am doing much better but still seem to be fighting some cold symptoms. 

4. I just finished a great read, The Art Forger, by B.A. Shapiro. It was fascinating in relation to real facts and the world of art forgery. The story relates back to the infamous 1990 art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in which a large stash of works were stolen, never to be recovered. This story takes on a fictional turn of what happened to one of Degas' famous works. I really enjoyed it, espcially coming from a fine art educational background. It's a mix of mystery, drama and of course a little romance mixed in. 

5. I am currently burning my new fave delicious smelling Anthropologie candle, in Willow. I got it on a steal in the sale room and then used my birthday coupon! It looks cute too of course!



6. Any of you friends bread makers? I would love to hear if you have favorite recipes or tips! I just keep reading all these stories about horrible chemicals in our foods. It's giving me stress to think about what to feed my family. I am not a big overeactor in general, but it's so hard when it comes to feeding a family and wanting to do it well!

I will live you with some wisdom for this week! (Original source unknown)


Monday Confessions

Hello friends! Yet another week is upon us and I am really sick which is no fun! My kids so kindly shared their virus with me. I don't know what it is about being an adult with a fever and all, but it's just rough! As we all know too, moms don't get sick days! We just have to keep on moving! 


For those of you that missed this, I wanted to share. We heard a slight rattle in our subwoofer when watching movies. We knew that Max has slipped a thing or two in there. My husband finally decided to take it apart and found this treasure trove of items! That apple tv remote had been missing a good 6 months! Kids will keep you humble...


I was very excited to start P90x3 workout program today but it looks like that will have to wait until I recover! Hope you all have a good Monday and I will see you back here next week hopefully with more to share! 

Monday Confessions, Birthday!


My birthday has fallen on a Monday this year! It's very much a regular winter Monday around here. It snowed last night and left me a nice covering of ice for my birthday! I am happy to say that I treated myself and drug the kids out for a Monday morning workout with friends. Being a grown up, birthdays are just so different than they used to be! The kids want to know where are my balloons and party?! I just want to know if I can get a day off from adulthood?! Haha...this year though I am just thankful for my family's health and so many other things! Today I am counting my blessings while hanging with the kids, tackling some photo work, and looking forward to a family dinner later! Hope you all have a beautiful week!

Monday Confessions

Happy rainy Monday! The kids in our district are stuck home for another "snow day" but it's just pouring! I will feel really bad for them when it's the third week of June and they're still in school...ick. Anyhow, it's Monday so you know that means it's time for my confessions!

1. I confess I have some exciting Emily Troutman Photo news coming in the next day or so about a February special I am running! 

2. It's almost Valentines day, do you buy or craft your kiddos valentines for their class? I am on the fence mostly because I think it's just fine to buy them or craft them! It's mostly just what you have time for or if you feel like trying to motivate your kids to help! I am not sure yet what we will do...

3. I have gotten in my workout this morning and this leads me to some more fun news. I have taken the plunge and joined Team Beach Body as a coach! I love helping and motivating people, especially when it comes to making their life move in a healthy direction. I am a year out from when I decided to get back into shape last year. It was one of the best decisions I made both for myself and my family! I am anxiously awaiting the new P90x3 in the mail, it's a 30 minute version of Tony Horton's famed p90x. I will let you know what I think of it as I et going! I am here to simply help people, so if there's something you've been wondering about as you get on a healthy track, feel free to email me,

4. I got to photograph my first wedding of 2014 on Saturday and it was beautiful! I am excited to get back into photographing as the season picks up. 

5. For any of you that are like "has she seriously lost her mind?! She's photographing, teaching and added another thing to her plate by coaching...." I am a little crazy I know. I am just taking it one day at a time. Thankfully things have seasons, ebbs and flows. I feel like this season of my life is figuring out lots about motherhood and what else I am called to do. I love all of these things and am passionate about them. I am just taking it one day at a time my friends to seek out what God has for me!

6. My kids won't stop singing "Let it go" at the top of their lungs! It's the song from the Frozen soundtrack if you aren't familliar with it. I have to say though, it's some sage advice....whatever it is, let it go!


Ok friends, off to the doc for a follow up appointment for one of my kiddos! I am still fighting sickness as well. Seriously ready for spring on so many levels!!! Have a great week!



Monday Confessions, Polar Vortex

Well it's Monday again and we are still in the middle of this Polar Vortex business where artic air swoops down into our area. I am, like most people, really over it. I love some good snow but this "feels like 3 degrees with the windchill" business needs to head back up to Santa's workshop! 

1. I am a potty training failure. After pushing Max to work on the potty for a solid 5 days with little successes, I am giving it a break. I am hoping as he gets closer to 3, he will take initiative. 

2. I have already showered and used a hair dryer! This is a win....

3. But I have not worked out....I am telling myself I will do a 4 o'clock workout before dinner. 

4. I ate more yesterday than I have eaten in one day in a long time! We had a beautiful brunch to celebrate my mom's retirement at the Hotel DuPont. It was lovely but I ate my weight in yumminess! (See why I need to get to that workout?!) Congrats Mom on your 25 years of faithful service and here's to what's next!!


5. I am taking the kids to an indoor play center today...there, I said it! I am taking them to run their little hearts out even if it costs me a few dollars, it will be worth it if it helps us all survive another day together with better attitudes and grateful hearts!

This pretty much sums up what I want to leave you with today...


Have a great week! 

Monday Confessions, MLK Jr. Day

I want to start with an appropriate MLK Jr. quote today....


I love this on so many levels. Of course MLK stood for civil and human rights, but this applies to all of life. You can't move forward if you don't start trying somewhere! I needed this reminder this morning when it seems like it's the middle of January, I am potty training a defiant toddler, and dealing with life in general. 

1. I confess I despise potty training. It's like a horrible game of trying to get a toddler into submission while dealing with bodily fluids. This just isn't a good combination. Some of you might think "hey, I thought she potty trained him at the end of the summer?!" I sure was trying but he started a huge regression so I let him be for a while. I told myself after the holiday hub-ub, it was time. He got his "big boy" toddler bed this weekend and we have been trying to convince him that big boys don't pee their pants! 

2. What is up with the fact that I have another birthday right around the corner and seriously the gray hair has divided and conquered?! It's no joke friends, might have to start taking drastic measures! 

3. If you are a stay at home mom, I read the funniest blog post I have seen in a while. It pretty much sums up most of mom life at home. I WANT TO THROW MYSELF INTO TRAFFIC: AN ESSAY ON BEING A STAY-AT-HOME MOM . There's lots of good one liners, "My house would be the epitome of a Pottery Barn catalog ... My husband would wonder how he got so lucky to have such a perfect wife and prance me around town like a sparkly little show pony, and my kids would idolize my every move. Usually this fantasy also included me winning a break dance competition of some sort in front of a crowd of hundreds." Hilarious....

4. I have three screaming children as I attempt to write this...Nothing about being a stay at home mom is glamorous and it rarely feels productive which is a struggle for me! One child is begging for cheese curls when he has not yet even eaten his waffle. I know, why did I even buy the cheese curls?!! Oh and now the youngest has peed on the floor...AGAIN....

5. I just finished reading Silver Linings Playbook, which I really ended up liking. It is written from the perspective of a man who has spent years in a mental institution. It's also written in the setting of Collingswood, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. A good friend lived in the town next to Collingswood for a few years so I am familiar with the setting, as well as all the Philadelphia Eagles references. It was a different type of book for me, which was refreshing. There were strange concepts like a hatred for all things Kenny G, but that's what made it endearing. You definitely find yourself rooting for the lead characters! I am going to try to rent the movie now to see if it lives up to the book!


I better run today friends! I have tinkle to clean and a glamorous life to lead! Ha....I wish! I also hope to get back to blogging photography as work rolls in. February 1 is my first wedding of the year that I am very much looking forward to! Have a great week friends! I am currently booking sessions now through spring/summer if you are intersted or know someone who is engaged!

Monday Confessions

     Yet another week has greeted us this morning! I just read my Jesus Calling devotional book and it was a great reminder to start my day. It started with "Try to view each day as an adventure, carefully planned out by your guide. Instead of staring into the day that is ahead of you, attempting to program it to your will, be attentive to Me (Jesus) and to all I have prepared for you." I confess I often start days thinking, what will I have to endure today?! It's a much better way to start it off thinking of what He has prepared! The coordinating verse was, "This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118: 24

1. I confess this devotional was a much needed mental adjustment to the start of the week! I don't want to wander into "complain mode" but we have just had one thing after another coming at us recently. We feel a little like we are running uphill a lot...remembering that God plans our days and gives us strength to persevere!

2. As soon as I am done this blog, I will go put on my sneakers for Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, week 3. Hope I survive! That girl is no joke! Trying hard to maintain health and manage stress in the new year!

3. The spring semester of teaching starts this week, I am both excited to meet a new batch of college students and a little anxious at how crazy my schedule will be this spring. One day at a time right?!

4. I confess that I REALLY did not like the plot turn that Downton Abbey took last night. It was very upsetting and I know it will impact the season very much. What did you all think?!



5. We are definitely dealing with cabin fever and winter blahs at our house. What are you favorite ways to combat it with kids? 

6. This months' Thriving Family magazine has a handful of great articles that I am gleaning wisdom from. One I read yesterday about "When Your Parenting isn't working," it was both humbling and helpful. I am always thankful for helpful resources that get to the heart of the issues! Thankful that a new year is full of fresh starts on many levels. A huge issue I am dealing with is yelling or actually trying not to! 

7. As for what I am reading, I just finished up Longbourn by Jo Baker last week for my book club I am a part of. It was essentially Pride and Prejudice written from the servant's perspective. I have to say though that I wasn't a huge fan. I realize the entire book was written to bring some thought to the reality and not the romanticism of living in those times in England. I guess I just didn't love her writing style, among other things. Another possibility for my dislike is that I maybe only wanted to think about the romantic side of living in the English countryside and not the realities of war, etc. Apparently that is the reason Jane Austen originally wrote P & P, to be a distraction from all the hardships England was facing. I believe I like the escape better than the reality!



I think that's about it for me today! I have to go deal with screaming kids and try to tackle that work out before all motivation is gone! Hoping you all have a great week as well!!